Here's what some of our students have had to say about their online experience at UPEACE:

UPEACE is creating a wonderful opportunity for the working class across all continents to further their education on peace and conflict studies.

I truly enjoyed the professor's presentations and found them educational and valuable for each week's lesson. Thank you to UPEACE for giving me the opportunity to attend this course and it is my pleasure and honor to take the course with a very esteemed and intellectual professor, like Dr. Balázs Kovács.

The discussions were probably the most useful and most overwhelming. Working through them and trying to develop your own thoughts could be challenging, but Dr. Schifter's consistent comments and questions helped to further the thought process of the material.

In summary, the online course on multiculturalism and leadership has deepened my knowledge on understanding the challenges of cultural differences in a multicultural society. This allowed me to have an awareness and greater intercultural sensitivity level professionally and personally. Finally, I would say that the course allowed me to discover my intrapersonal and interpersonal skills, which are necessary to promote intercultural relations, culture and above all in perspective, avoid prejudices and stereotypes that are often sources of conflict and intercultural misunderstandings.

Thank You! This was my first UPEACE course and it has gotten me very excited for the rest of the year!

It was one of the most stimulating courses I have ever taken! I was lucky to find myself in a very diverse group. Everyone had something interesting to contribute and did so respectfully.

I was impressed the most with Professor's knowledge and experience. When I was feeling disheartened and overwhelmed, his presentations always helped because he always referred to his past experiences and his problems with them and then the solutions.

I was surprised by how much I was able to absorb in the online environment - I was initially unsure of how to measure my progress, but developed more confidence as the course developed.

The course exceeded my goals. The knowledge and experience of the instructor along with interesting readings made for a most enjoyable and informative class.

Without a doubt, the best professor I have had to date. Professor King's lectures were both interesting and informative. The feedback provided on each post was remarkable in terms of the time Professor King dedicated to each student and the insight provided.

I was impressed with all the interesting readings, the point of view of the topics and the study cases we engaged with. All the material had a clear link with each other, and contributed to the understanding of all concepts that we discussed during each week session.

The class was more interesting than my previous three university courses which I did on campus at another institution. The ability to bring students from the entire globe to share their experiences is the most exciting aspect of the course. The instructors are fantastic, in my opinion.

What I learned in the course exceeded my expectations and the readings were quite valuable. Also, having such a diverse class was a plus, to be able to learn from different perspectives.

It was a real pleasure to study in such a respectful and peaceful environment!


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