ONLINE MA in Sustanable Peace in the Contemporary World

General Information:

The MA degree is designed to serve the educational needs of prospective graduate students who are interested in the serious study of peace at a graduate level, regardless of their professional background.

To apply for the Online MA Sustainable Peace in the Contemporary World, please complete the ONLINE application form here.

Once you completed the application form electronically and your file is reviewed, if you have been granted admission to the Online Programme, you will need to send an official undergraduate transcript and English Language Proficiency Test Report (if applicable) to make registration official.

Within the electronic application form, you will be asked to upload copies of the following documentatiion:

Proficiency Test Score Report:

A copy of an English Language Proficiency Test Report is required for all applicants from non-English-speaking countries. The following English Proficiency Tests are accepted:

IELTS Band of 7 (good user)
Paper based TOEFL (PBT) 530
Computer based TOEFL (CBT) 215
Internet Based TOEFL (IBT) 90


To waive the English Language Proficiency Test Report, applicants from non-English speaking countries may present the following documents:

An English Language Proficiency Test Report is required for all applicants from non-English-speaking countries.

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Statement of Purpose

The statement of purpose must be between 500 and 1000 words, and must respond to the following questions:

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Letters of Recommendation

Each applicant must provide to referees or recommenders within the online application form. The two referees indicated on the application form will be automatically emailed a Letter of Recommendation Form, once the application is submitted. The referees will then email their Letter of Recommendation Form directly to as an attachment, not within the text of the email.

These Referees must be from faculty or other individuals qualified to evaluate your potential for graduate study and computer proficiency.

Some Valid referees or recommenders are:

Letters from family members or close friends are not accepted.

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Each applicant must upload a copy of the original transcript of an undergraduate (Bachelor's) degree bearing the signature of the Registrar and the school seal, including the graduation date. If unable to obtain the student's graduation date at the time of application to UPEACE, requesting an official letter from the university's registrar's office is permitted.

Please attach the official grading system used by the University or country, if this is not clearly explained on the flip side of the transcript.

If the original transcript is not in English, an official copy in the original language and an official English translation must be sent.

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Curriculum Vitae or Resume

The Curriculum Vitae or Résumé must clearly state the following information:

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Copy of Valid Identification

All applicants must provide a clear photocopy of their valid identification (passport ID is preferred), demonstrating the following information:

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