Human Rights, Internet and Sustainable Development

3 credits / 9 weeks weeks
4 Sep 2023 - 5 Nov 2023

Professor Mariateresa Garrido Villareal

Technological developments increase the speed of social changes; requiring the reinterpretation and adaption of international norms. Human rights are part of this dynamic. They are continuously affected by the uses of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), and this course discusses this reality and provides students with the necessary skills to analyze the situation in the light of international human rights law.
The course starts with the understanding of the ICT, its importance for the current social organization, and the rules governing its use. Then, it continues with the identification of the main obligations derived from the most important international treaties and how they can be fulfilled in the digital era. Therefore, by the end of this course, students will have the basic skills needed to promote and guarantee the exercise of human rights through the use of ICT.

Mariateresa Garrido Villareal

Dr. Mariateresa Garrido (Venezuela) is an Assistant Professor in the Department of International Law at UPEACE and the Doctoral Committee Coordinator. She is an international lawyer and holds a Doctorate from UPEACE. Her main research area is related to the exercise of the right to freedom of expression and the protection of journalists in Latin America; but she is also researching on the interaction between human rights and Information and Communication Technologies. She uses mixed methodologies and legal research to explore linkages between the law, journalism and new technologies. She also holds two Master’s Degrees; one from UPEACE in International Law and the Settlement of the Disputes and one from the Central University of Venezuela in Public International Law.

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