World Politics

3 credits / 9 weeks weeks
3 Jun 2024 - 4 Aug 2024

Professor TBA .

This course will address eight topics in world politics that have been increasingly drawing the attention of governmental bodies, international organizations, think tanks, private sector organizations, civil society, media, and academia around the world. These are the return of great power competition, de-globalization and onshoring, de-dollarization, the debate over the crisis of the international liberal order and over the rise and fall of the American empire, the international security implications of migration and climate change, the global emergence of a business and human right regime and the international political implications of the extraterritorial reach of regional regulations in this field. Students will delve into each of these topics and learn about the main fronts of each debate. They will recognize the linkages among them as well as with current events in world affairs, including the war in Ukraine and Gaza, the tensions over Taiwan, and democratic backsliding in the U.S.A. The course will feature nine lectures. The first eight will focus on each of the above-mentioned topics, whereas the last one will recapitulate them with an eye to the levels-of-analysis framework in international relations. 


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