The University for Peace Capstone Course in Peace and Conflict Studies is an online, cumulative course allowing students to demonstrate integrated knowledge, skills and methodology that they have gained from a graduate-level curriculum in the field of Peace and Conflict Studies.  

This course has been designed for Asia-Pacific Center (APC) students, to engage them in an online examination of the foundations of peace and conflict studies. It begins by focusing on the historical ‘big thinkers’ who have shaped contemporary ideas of peace, and goes on cover the key names in the development of peace studies as a contemporary discipline. This includes a brief history of the international architecture for peace, principally focusing on the United Nations. During this course students will learn the key concepts and definitions in the discipline such as peacebuilding, conflict escalation, conflict resolution, and positive and negative peace. They will also be encouraged to explore how the political economy and inequality are related to conflict and violence; and the limits to the current system of international aid and conflict transformation will be explored. This course provides an opportunity to explore a range of connections and challenges in the field of peace and conflict studies from a holistic perspective.