The course will provide an overview of the basic concepts and terminology of disarmament and non-proliferation both of weapons of mass destruction as well as conventional weapons, discussing how the various international instruments (treaties, conventions, arrangements, etc.) contribute to promoting international peace and security. Amid the continued escalation of global challenges, it will discuss gaps in arms control and the convergence of emerging technologies.

The role of the international community as a whole will be referred to,including the multilateral organizations, the private sector and non-governmental organizations. It is expected that as a result of the course students will deliberate and reflect upon their own role and responsibility towards making this a safer and more secure world.

The course will first discuss weapons of mass destruction (WMD’s),starting by providing an overview of the international disarmament machinery for WMD’s as well as the role of different institutions in the field. Then a more in-depth discussion will be generated, such as “as treaties collapse, can we still prevent a nuclear arms race?”