Human security is a multidisciplinary and holistic concept, people-centred, comprehensive, context-specific and prevention-oriented framework that considers the broad range of conditions that threaten the survival, livelihood and dignity of people, particularly those who are most vulnerable. It also demands disarmament, prohibition of weapons of mass destruction (nuclear and chemical weapons) arms control, military restraints, and reduction of production and trafficking of weapons. It charges the States and the international community with the “responsibility to protect” to guarantee, national and global security (called collective security)

Similarly, it implies the right to be protected against the complexities intertwined within the social, economic, and political factors going on in our troubled world. Among them, poverty, violence, gender inequality, human rights violations, development, hostile behaviour against the environment, natural disasters and the struggle against climate change. The “process” or concept of Human Security extends itself to seek and apply technological and scientific progress as well as to achieve political cooperation using bilateral and multilateral diplomacy. Disarmament and Peace are the ultimate goals of the current concept of “Human Security”.