This course provides a comprehensive introduction to global politics, focusing in particular on its origins and historical evolution, its key concepts, major theoretical frameworks, main actors and institutions, the global architecture of power, and its dynamic nature in the process of globalization. More specifically, the course introduces concepts of power, statecraft, diplomacy, foreign policy, political economy and international security, and examines the evolution of global politics in the 20th and 21st centuries. The course combines the study of concepts and theories with a range of questions about global politics, such as: Why bother with theory? Why is the world divided in nation-states? How do institutions modify interests and interactions? Is the nation-state in decline? Why do wars occur? What are the causes of terrorism? What are the main global threats of the 21st century? Why war? What is the role of the United Nations in resolving conflict? These and other central questions about the nature of global political relations are examined in this course.