This short course provides an introduction to the multi faceted issues of leadership and women and leadership. It explores established theories on leadership in general and perspectives on women leaders and leadership globally; and the capacity for women leaders and potential leaders to lead changes and manage conflict, building peace and education for a better future.

The course examines literature, articles and essays and short media presentations on the subject of leadership broadly and specifically on women and leadership. It encourages participants to develop and share outlooks and information from their world view, reflecting on theory and practice, including their own leadership development. 

Through presentations, reading, reflections and debate and engagement in straightforward practical tasks, participants will review established views on leadership; and investigate issues of gender in leadership, self and organisational development. Participants will begin to consider strategies for the development of women leaders and potential leaders within their working environment and spheres of influence.

Participants will begin to critique recognised ideas about leadership and determine why women and leadership remains a subject for reflection; the presence and participation of women leaders, and where women leaders are to be found, and the influences upon their leadership journey. Participants will deliberate the impact of leadership styles and of gender in organisational effectiveness and strategies for the advancement of women as leaders, capacity building for organisational change, and developing women leaders in a changing world.