Our global demographics are changing rapidly, and few places remain in the world that are highly homogenous. In many of today’s global-oriented organizations and businesses, leaders will often confront culturally challenging situations. It is imperative to understand and be able to work in environments that are fundamentally different from one’s own. The objective of this course is to help build the capacity of the learner to be sensitive and respectful of diversity and to learn how to better maneuver within different cultural contexts.

This course is divided into two related parts. The first half is dedicated to developing the learner’s understanding of the theoretical underpinnings of culture, multiculturalism and diversity. The learner will understand what culture and diversity mean, culture’s relationship to peacebuilding, and some of the debates surrounding cultural relativism. The second half of the course is devoted to developing the skills and capacities of leaders to work in multicultural contexts. The learner will begin by examining her or his own culture and developing skills for understanding and effectively working with other cultures. Various practical skills will be developed, including leadership with diversity and utilizing cultural resources for peacebuilding.

There are nine lessons in total for the course. Each lesson takes at least five hours to complete, including the reading and related the activities and assignments.